I am originally from Memphis, TN. I began painting and writing from an early age which led me to study art in college.

I earned a double major in Art Studio (painting) and Communication (strategic), while completing a German minor. The combination of these focus areas brought about an interest in storytelling and exploration. I have worked in a variety of spaces with lots of people who make me think. And that’s just how I like it.

In recent years, I have worked as an educator of 6-12 and undergraduate college students. I facilitate workshops, develop curricula, and support student development. These workshops and classes consist of social and emotional learning, public speaking, and both visual and performance art. Each discipline stems from a need to understand one’s self while also connecting to others. These workshops and classes also encourage tough but necessary conversations. Additionally, I have experience in event planning and production, project management, and community organizing.

I write about my life in the hopes of connecting with others and to give voice to those muted. I am continuing this same line of work while completing graduate studies. My only hope is that I leave the University better than I found it.



9 thoughts on “Story

  1. I have always admired and cherished your work! I can’t wait to see what happens on another level. Love you so much and so proud of you! Tee Tee Chris


  2. Hi Cayla, you have such a creative imagination as well as being so outspoken and bold with your art. Keep up the great work!!!

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