Lately I’ve been working with the theme of decay. My first encounter with the word made me invision gross subject matter, but after much reflection I’ve internalized what it means to me. This painting was a result of viewing the beauty in decay. It is subtle, quiet, and intertwined. It is apart of a living process…



collage + photocollage + paint

This was a piece I created for a design course, entitled:Dualität. We gathered images surrounding a particular theme, created a gray scaled collage, sketched out the image on another sheet, and painted with acrylic. This was a very long process, but it helped in the development of thoughts.

I created a piece that juxtaposes two lifestyles of these women: the life of bubbles, flowers, fruit, and kittens versus that of rocks, snakes, pills, and alcohol. Although tedious, I enjoyed printing, cutting, sizing, and pasting every object or element in this piece. In fact, it is the process of thinking, crafting, and revising that I love the most-even more than the final piece.


What is important for growing artists to know and why I blog.

I am an artist in every sense of the word.

The three art forms that I develop are painting, dancing, and communicating. Yet, painting is the closest to my heart.

I began painting from a very young age. My strength in painting resulted from a combination of drawing and storytelling. I believe that being a successful painter comes first from observing the structure of objects and landscapes, while recording how light hits the surfaces of these focal points. Secondly, successful painters master the art of storytelling with minimal information.

Contrary to common belief, successful painting is more than just being able to paint a scene. Successful artists study history, architecture, anatomy, classical literature, communication techniques, design, and artists of the past and present.

I choose to be an artist, because art is my motivation for each day. Art is the core of my being: it is my peace, love, and strength.

Welcome to my psyche.