What If Not?

“What if I told you 10 years from now your life would be exactly the same? I doubt you’d be happy. So why are you afraid of change?” – Karen Salmansohn reposted by ThinkGrowProsper

We have heard the saying that in order to receive a different outcome, one must change something in his or her own habits. A wise woman once told me that “you can’t expect the 30 year old you to happen overnight…you have to build her.” For some reason, we are so lazy in this regard. The idea of going off “autopilot” scares us to our very core (Mel Robbins TedxTalks), unless we could see into the future.

I love this quote because it calls us out. We go about life as a routine habit, which would more than likely leave us in the same position we are currently in, unless we change something up. Yes, change is scary and uncertain. Don’t think about what if, instead think about what if not?

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