collage + photocollage + paint

This was a piece I created for a design course, entitled:Dualität. We gathered images surrounding a particular theme, created a gray scaled collage, sketched out the image on another sheet, and painted with acrylic. This was a very long process, but it helped in the development of thoughts.

I created a piece that juxtaposes two lifestyles of these women: the life of bubbles, flowers, fruit, and kittens versus that of rocks, snakes, pills, and alcohol. Although tedious, I enjoyed printing, cutting, sizing, and pasting every object or element in this piece. In fact, it is the process of thinking, crafting, and revising that I love the most-even more than the final piece.


Fall Convocation Piece-Review

Convocation Fall Piece

This piece resulted from a speech about a first hand experience during 9/11. I feel a great sense of peace and balance through this piece, which reflects some themes from the presenter. Although very organic, geometry keeps its form in order. Often times, I look at old work and just feel that something is missing. I may revisit this print sometime in the future an repost and update.

To help with this idea of how you know something is missing, I’ll explain my feeling more in depth. Upon review of this composition, I feel that it is significantly heavy in the top left portion, I wonder if I should have done more with the open shapes on the mid left or the right half, and it just seems as if there is a spark missing. Maybe one element should be added. I am not sure.

Perspective Still Life

3 point perspective still life

This was an early piece made from toned paper and charcoal. What I love most about this piece was the strong shadows and how challenging my point of view was. I actual sat on the concrete floors of the studio for weeks just at the edge of a table holding these objects. We have a monk looking towards the heavens, fruit peeking over the edge of a bowl to greet us, and the active wings of Nike. For me, this piece sings of an eventful moment, almost foreshadowing it.

Self-Improvement and Self-Love

“Be so busy improving yourself that you have no time to criticize others.”- ThinkGrowProsper

This quote spoke to me because I am guilty of comparing myself to others. In an attempt to make myself feel better, I resort to pulling others and their achievements down. This unhealthy method of criticism only hurts me in the process, while also leaving out the most important component. If I want to feel better about myself, then I need to work on myself. Not saying that anything needs to be “fixed,” but there is always room for improvement. If you don’t like something, change it!

I encourage you all to focus more on yourself and how to convert your weaknesses into strengths. But above all, I wish for you to love yourself unconditionally for all of your flaws and strengths. Be the best version of you that only you can be.

What If Not?

“What if I told you 10 years from now your life would be exactly the same? I doubt you’d be happy. So why are you afraid of change?” – Karen Salmansohn reposted by ThinkGrowProsper

We have heard the saying that in order to receive a different outcome, one must change something in his or her own habits. A wise woman once told me that “you can’t expect the 30 year old you to happen overnight…you have to build her.” For some reason, we are so lazy in this regard. The idea of going off “autopilot” scares us to our very core (Mel Robbins TedxTalks), unless we could see into the future.

I love this quote because it calls us out. We go about life as a routine habit, which would more than likely leave us in the same position we are currently in, unless we change something up. Yes, change is scary and uncertain. Don’t think about what if, instead think about what if not?

Why Do You Welcome Thieves?

“You’d never invite a thief into your house. So why would you allow thoughts, that steal your joy, to make themselves at home in your mind?” -repost by Healthy Light

Often, we are our own worst enemies and biggest critics. For some reason, our brains are wired to lean more towards the negative. Remaining pessimistic and allowing negative thoughts to exist within our minds is easy. It is the easy road out of the confusion we call life. We worry about our personal items going missing. We worry about people who come and go like seasons. However, we do not worry about how certain ideologies and commentaries eat away at our spirits, our souls, and our missions.

If you will not allow a stranger to steal your electronics, then do not allow foreign thoughts to steal your peace and happiness.